CA Agile Central Integration Configurator (WICoCo)

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This software is used to create or modify a configuration file for use by a CA Agile Central Work Item Connector. The connector allows you to automate reflecting work item data existing in your CA Agile Central subscription and another work item tracking system, such as JIRA. The software is a web application that uses a small number of pages to guide you through the process specifying the systems that will be used by the connector and allows you to easily draw the field mappings you want the connector to be concerned with. The application also enables a user to create and modify a basic configuration file.

Users running the application (CA Agile Central/Other Host validation and mapping) must have correct CA Agile Central Workspace / Project and Jira Project permissions . Without proper permissions, not all data is accessible in CA Agile Central and Jira.

Connector Spokes Supported

  • Atlassian JIRA

General Requirements

  • CA Agile Central server, port, and credentials information
  • Target system server, port, and credentials information
  • If using a proxy - proxy server, port, and credentials information

Environments Supported

Verify that your environment can support the configurator.


  • The Ruby environment is created when the application runs.

Mac or Linux Host Requirements

  • Ruby installed (preferably Ruby 2.0.0p247).
  • Permissions to install Ruby gems.

Start the Application

Follow the directions below for your environment when starting the application.

Windows Platform

Choose one of the following steps:
  • Double-click on the wicoco-web.exe icon. You will need to select Allow access the first time the software is run.
  • Alternatively, from a command shell, once you have changed the directory to the wicoco-1.0.1 subfolder where you've unzipped the software distribution, run: wicoco-web.exe

Linux/Mac Platform

Follow these steps:
  1. Run the install_gems script: ./install_gems
  2. Start the wicoco application: ./wicoco-web

Specify New or Existing Configuration

The first page asks you to specify whether you want to create a new configuration or load an existing configuration.

Load saved config file

The CA Agile Central Integration Configurator (WICoCo) can load an existing configuration file and display certain sections of the configuration. You can edit those sections. Be aware, however, that the configurator will write out a file when you save a configuration to a predetermined name in the configs subdirectory with only the sections of the configuration file the configurator understands and displays.

Spoke Connectivity

This page asks you to specify your CA Agile Central server credentials, as well as the Target server and credentials.

Spokes validation

Follow these steps:
  1. Enter valid values for both spoke systems and valid login credentials.
  2. Select the Test Configuration button. If the credentials are acceptable, you will receive a verification of Passed for Server Reachable and Authentication Confirmed. If you receive a failure message, ensure that you have entered the correct server and authentication values.
  3. Select Next.

Map Fields

This page allows you to map fields between CA Agile Central and the Target system. By default, Name, Description, ScheduleState, and Owner are mapped to the target system.

Map default fields

  1. To customize mapping between the two systems, select a CA Agile Central field on the left and draw an arrow to the Target system.
  2. Select Remove Connections, to remove all arrows, or select an individual mapping arrow to remove only that mapping.
  3. When you have finished mapping the fields, select Save Configuration. The saved configuration is essentially a template that you can copy and rename to where you have a CA Agile Central Work Item Connector installed.


Follow this step:
  1. Select the Feedback button and enter your comments regarding your experience with the CA Agile Central Integration Configurator. For support questions, please visit the CA Agile Central Community.


Need more help? The CA Agile Central Community is your one-stop shop for self-service and support. To submit feedback or cases to CA Agile Central Support, find answers, and collaborate with others, please join us in the CA Agile Central Community.