CA Agile Central IP Addresses and CDN Networks

We provide service to the CA Agile Central ALM application through use of two data centers: one located in Denver, CO and another in Seattle, WA. We regularly switch back and forth between the two data centers to ensure that we can do so quick and safely, and to allow for maintenance that would otherwise require scheduled downtime. Before we make these changes, we'll post these changes on our CA Agile Central Status Page as Scheduled Maintenance events.

In previous data center service switches, a few customers experienced problems related to the IP address changes and their internal firewall rules. In order to help mitigate the connectivity issues these customers encountered, we're sharing a bit of information related to our infrastructure that will prevent these types of issues.

Below are the current IP address ranges (in CIDR format) that we suggest whitelisting for HTTPS protocols as well as allowing incoming email from the SMTP protocol:

  •   (Denver Datacenter)
  •   (Seattle Datacenter)

In addition, CA Agile Central utilizes CDN networks to provide our customers with a faster overall experience. These CDNs have a wide variety of IP addresses which CA Agile Central cannot control or describe with any accuracy. If you are using firewall restriction rules, please use the following host name to avoid the CDNs altogether: (instead of

The use of these host names will ensure that you will only access CA Agile Central services via the two network blocks listed above, albeit at a potentially slight slower speed, especially if you are a non-US based customer.

When we make changes to our network infrastructure, we post to well in advance so that your organizations may make the appropriate firewall rules changes and prevent disruption of service.

Finally, please note, that while superficially related, this has nothing to do with CA Agile Central's IP address restriction feature , available in the Advanced Security Administration option for Enterprise or Unlimited Editions. The IP address restriction feature limits access to your CA Agile Central subscription from an IP address or IP addresses. If you are interested in this feature, please Contact Support.


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