CA Agile Central Reports and Charts

CA Agile Central provides a number of reports and charts to help you track progress and obtain insights about your agile practices. Select the Reports tab to view them all. Some reports are also available as apps in your dashboard .

Choose from these types of reports and charts:

Note: The data roll up for some charts and graphs occurs at the end of the time period, while the legend label indicates the beginning of the time period. You will not see data for a time period while it is still being collected.

Print Summary and Detail Reports

Two types of reports, the summary and the detail, can assist you in tracking and reviewing your work items .

Note: Reports listed on the Reports tab do not use the setup wizard.


Use this report to get the big picture of your individual work items. This report can only be printed from a work item summary view.

You can print a summary report from a work item's summary view.

Follow these steps:
  1. Select Actions, Print or Print Report (depending on the summary view).
  2. The Print Report Setup wizard displays.
  3. Select Print.

This report is useful if you need to have the work item reviewed by stakeholders or customers, or take the work item offline for your own review.


You can also print a report from the work item detail view.

Follow these steps:
  1. Select the work item to print.
  2. Select ‧‧‧(Actions), Print.
  3. The Print Report Setup wizard displays.
  4. Select Print.


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