CA Agile Central Support Manager

EOL Notice: CA Agile Central Support Manager Integration will no longer be enhanced or fixed and technical support has been discontinued effective September 30, 2017.  Existing customers can continue to use the integration, but we encourage investigating other options that will keep your integration up-to-date. Please see our post in the community for more information:

CA Agile Central Support Manager provides organizations managing support cases in Salesforce Support and Services visibility into CA Agile Central defects and user stories that were initiated from customer reports. It also customizes release announcements to customers whose support cases were resolved in the CA Agile Central release being announced. When the integration is deployed, CA Agile Central users can view the specific customers that have reported CA Agile Central defects.

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CA Agile Central Support Manager improves collaboration between development groups and customer support groups to accelerate the correction of customer-reported issues. Customer support staff can quickly submit defects reported by customers and communicate to customers the development status of these defects.

CA Agile Central Support Manager improves support responsiveness and increases customer satisfaction through case-to-defect lifecycle tracking. It gives support teams a 360-degree view of customer-reported bugs by tracking their development status and informing customers with tailored release announcements or self-service portal updates.

With CA Agile Central Support Manager, support staff can easily link customer cases to the development team’s defects managed in CA Agile Central. As development makes progress on correcting defects, Salesforce users can easily track the current status and expected delivery timeframe of the issues they care about.

Name Description Type
Release Announcement Groups cases addressed in a CA Agile Central release Custom Object, Custom Tab
RSM Setup Stores CA Agile Central subscription information Custom Object, Custom Tab
Create Artifact Creates new CA Agile Central defects and user stories Custom S-Control
Find Artifact Identify existing CA Agile Central defects and requirements Custom S-Control
Field Mapper Defines mapping between Salesforce fields and CA Agile Central fields Custom S-Control
Release Announcement Groups cases addressed in a CA Agile Central release Custom Object, Custom Tab

Features and benefits

  • Look up defects. Support staff can quickly detect if development is already aware of bugs with search and match capabilities, reducing the creation of duplicates.
  • Submit defects. From Salesforce cases, enter defects directly into the development backlogs. An option to enter requirements in development backlogs is also available.
  • Track development progress. Support cases automatically reflect development status (defect status, priority, severity, resolution and target release).
  • Release announcements. Review all cases resolved in a release and quickly build mass emails that update each customer on status of their issues, and/or update their cases in the self-service portal.
  • Prioritize development backlogs Development teams can see which customers, and how many, are associated with each bug report.
  • Create as many CA Agile Central Support Manager accounts as needed to support multiple integrations with different Salesforce instances.

Key reports and dashboards

Name Description
All Cases Solved in a Release Which cases were solved in release ABC?
Cases solved for ABC in Release X Which cases did release X solve for customer ABC?
Release X notification Solved Bug Cases Which customers were notified about release X? Which cases reporting bugs have been resolved by development?


  • External Service: CA Agile Central Enterprise (
  • Edition: Developer, Enterprise, Unlimited


  • Publisher: CA Agile Central Software Development Corp. (
  • Type: Native and Composite
  • Certification: Certified
Supported Version
Included with Unlimited Subscriptions


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