Recycle Bin

CA Agile Central's on-demand Recycle Bin allows you to restore user stories, tasks, defects, and test cases after they are deleted. The Recycle Bin allows your development project data to be recovered in case of an accidental deletion. A link to the Recycle Bin Recycle Bin displays at the bottom of each page . If you do not see a link at the bottom of your page, you might be using Personalized Navigation, where you will access the Recycle Bin from the side bar.

Select the ellipsis (...) below a project name, and Recycle Bin will be listed under Home.

Personalized Navigation

Note: Items that appear in the Recycle Bin are permissions -based. Only workspace administrators may permanently delete items.

Bulk Actions

Users with editor permissions can delete and restore work items . For bulk restore, Recycle Bin entry checkboxes allow the selection of multiple entries at once.


All of the operations share a similar flow. Check the rows to affect and choose the bulk operation. A screen displays to confirm the action.

Permanent delete warning

The confirmation message depends on which work items are being deleted or restored. For example:

If you: This message displays:
Delete a defect suite Defect suites cannot be restored
Delete a portfolio item A summary page of related children
Restore items Associations with other work items may not be restored

Associations with other work items are restored as follows:

If you restore: Then associations to:
Parent stories
  • Child stories, child tasks, test cases, and test runs are restored
  • Child defects are not restored
  • Predecessors and successors are not restored
Portfolio items Child stories or portfolio items are not restored

Once you confirm the action, a progress bar displays as the operation completes.

bulk delete

If errors occur during the operation, the progress bar displays a red indicator and lists the issues. Hover over any of the errors to show more information.

Customize the Recycle Bin Page

To customize your Recycle Bin page:
  1. Filter work items in the recycle bin by using the advanced filtering option. To use advanced filtering, select Add Filter next to the filtering tray. Default quick filters are owner and type. To add another quick filter, select Add Filter. To hide your advanced filters, select Hide Advanced. The filter icon lists all active filters numerically. You can clear your filters by selecting Clear All. Your filters will remain active when you navigate away from the page. Learn more about advanced filters here.
  2. Select the Show Columns show icon to select or deselect the columns that display on the page. Select Apply to save your changes.
  3. Select the number of items to display on the page by selecting the Show drop-down menu at the bottom of the page and selecting the number of items you want to display on the page.
  4. Select any column header to sort items within that column by ascending or descending order.


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