Release Scope Change

The Release Scope Change app displays all work ( user stories, defects, and defect suites) that have been added or removed from a release, giving a succinct view of whether scope is changing during the course of a release.

Release Scope Change

Source code is available: Release Scope Change app source code


Features include:

  • View a day-by-day report of work items added or removed from the release.
  • Select a work item name or FormattedID to navigate to the item's detail page .
  • Filter the report by work added or removed.
  • Print the report from the App Tools menu.
Note: A shared release schedule exists when releases have the same name, start date, and end date. The Release drop-down shows all releases for the currently-selected workspace and projects. If releases with the same name but different dates are found, the drop-down will show the dates in parentheses after the name. Otherwise, only release names are displayed.

Interpret App Data

Interpreting the report is an important part of the scrum master's role to understand why work is removed or added, and how it is affecting the team's commitments.

For example, scheduling work at the end of the release may occur because the team pulled in more work than originally planned; this is a very positive scenario. At the same time, removing work at the end of the release may mean the team committed to too much work, and indicates a poor practice. Unfinished work should not be removed from an iteration or release. Instead, there should be a record of overcommitment, so that it may be avoided in future releases.


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