SaaS versus Agile Central On-Premises

CA Agile Central's On-Premises Edition provides you with many of the features of CA Agile Central, running in your own IT environment. While our SaaS products are constantly updated, the CA Agile Central On-Premises Edition is released on a periodic basis.

Feature Differences of SaaS versus On-Premises

Service SaaS Features On-Premises Features
Continuous deployment model
  • New Features
  • Defect Fixes
  • Early preview of upcoming features in beta pages with availability to provide direct feedback.
  • Updates bundled quasi-semi-annually
  • Patches available for major issues but requires customer effort
  • New releases necessitate downtime
Lookback API
  • Insights
  • Portfolio Item Burn-up, Portfolio Item Cumulative Flow, and Advanced Release Burndown charts
  • Release Tracking Burn-up Chart
Lookback API and features not available (i.e., no Insights)
Real-time Services
  • Watches capabilities
  • Webhooks
Real-time features not available
New Portfolio Service (Deep-Thought) Portfolio Capacity Planning Not available
Beta Features Personalized Navigation Not available
Hydra Integration Administration Page Not available
SSO Zuul Service Single Sign-on through SAML 2.0 Not available
CA Agile Central Subscription Access Easily accessible by CA Agile Central personnel to run Healthcheck Metrics Requires customer to expose their on-premises URL outside their firewalls or on-site access to their appliance. An alternative is to have customer screenshare in a webinar with TAM/Coach and do an ad-hoc subscription review.
LDAP Connector Not available Log into to CA Agile Central using Corporate credentials
Customer-managed backup/restore of subscription Not available Small installations can restore their subscription data to the last backup due to a bulk data import issue, etc
Custom message banner on CA Agile Central Login page Not available Convey customer specific information
Custom email blast to user base Not available Via the On-Premises Control Panel and administrator can push an email blast to all users to convey announcements specific to on-premises users.
Customer-managed deployment of new releases Not available Customer controls when major changes to the CA Agile Central user experience get deployed to users

Features Not Included in Specific Version of CA Agile Central

Agile Central On-Premises 2018.1

  • Quick Detail Page Collections
  • Third Party Context
  • Plan Progression
  • Quality Management
  • Team Board
  • Capacity Planning
  • Work Views
  • Watches
  • Webhooks
  • New Personalized Navigation
  • New search
  • @mentions
  • Agile Central Application Manager and API Keys
  • Integration Metrics
  • Single Sign-On
  • Insights
  • Ability to disable sessions
  • Non-English languages (such as German)
  • The following apps are not available to Agile Central to Go customers because they use Lookback API:
    • Cycle Time Chart (Community)
    • Cycle Time Data (Community)
    • Milestone Burnup
    • Milestone Cumulative Flow
    • Portfolio Item Burnup
    • Portfolio Item Cumulative Flow
    • Portfolio Item Scope Change Chart (Community)
    • Project Cumulative Flow
    • PSI Feature Burnup (Community)
    • Release & Iteration Burndown
    • Super Customizable CFD (Community)

Agile Central On-Premises 2017.1

Agile Central On-Premises 2016.2


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