Schedule Work

Schedule prioritized user stories, defects, and defect suites into iterations. Topics include:

Schedule work items

Plan work for each iteration by selecting user stories and defects from the backlog and scheduling them into an iteration. You can use the Plan page found under the track tab to easily schedule work items , or install a copy of the Iteration Planning Board. Parent stories do not display in the backlog.

Iteration Planning Board app

Install the Iteration Planning Board app on your dashboard or a custom page to easily view and schedule work.

Backlog user stories and defects display on the board as cards in the left-most column. Cards are ordered by rank .

By default, the next three future iterations display as columns to the right of the Backlog column. Use the arrows to the left and right of the column titles to view iterations further in the past or future. Drag a card into a column to schedule it in the iteration.

Plan page

You may also use the Plan page to perform the same drag-and-drop operations to schedule work.

To schedule a work item from the Plan page:

  1. Select the Plan tab, then select the Plan page.
  2. Locate the user story or defect to be scheduled in the backlog pane.
  3. Click the work item and drag it into the desired iteration.

    Your work item is now scheduled into the selected iteration and the related fields on the item's detail page are updated.

Detail pages

You can schedule a work item by editing the Iteration field directly.

To schedule a user story from a user story detail page:

  1. Select the Plan tab, then select the User Stories page.
  2. Click the highlighted ID of a user story to navigate to its detail page.
  3. Click Actions, and select Edit.
  4. From the Edit User Story page, click the iteration or release drop-down listings and select the appropriate time frame.
  5. Click Save.

    The user story is scheduled and can be viewed in the related Iteration Status and Release Status pages.

View scheduled work items

You can track which user stories, defects, and defect suites have been scheduled for a specific release or iteration.

The actions available on the detail page will vary depending upon the work item detail page being accessed.

From the related Scheduled Summary page, you can:

  • Use the Actions options to assist in managing the scheduled items.
  • View summary estimate totals for all items scheduled for the displayed release or iteration. The label icon on each column header contains the first letter of your defined unit of measure configured for the workspace under the Units tab. Hover over this icon to read the full label of your unit measurement.
    • Plan Est: The plan estimate for the scheduled work items.
    • Task Est: The total estimated amount of effort to complete the tasks for the scheduled work items.
  • Filter your scheduled items using values such as release, iteration, status, and owner .
  • Sort your display using various work item values such as rank, ID, name, release, iteration status, plan estimate, and owner.


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