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CA Agile Central provides a global search field to search work items across your workspace , and the ability to search within the context of multiple pages, grids, and apps.

Global Search

You can search with a single click or keyboard shortcut on any page in CA Agile Central to find work items. Simply press the forward slash on your keyboard or select the Search icon at the upper-right corner of any page in CA Agile Central and start typing your search criteria. Press Enter on your keyboard to view search results.

Global search

When you enter the full FormattedID of a work item in the global search field, you will be taken directly to the work item's detail page:

search tip

Note: If you enter the FormattedID of a work item that has been deleted, you will be taken to the Recycle Bin page.

Search includes the following work item fields:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Notes
  • Discussion
  • Tags

Search by Project

Global search results will automatically map to the project picker:

Search by project

Change your scoping in the project picker to search within projects, or select the Search workspace check box to view results for all projects in the workspace.

Workspace check box

You can also search by closed projects only.

Search closed projects

Filter Results

You can further refine your search results using the filters at the top of the search results page.

Search filters

Use the Work Item Type drop-down to search for a specific type of work item, such as a user story or defect .

Begin typing a username, first name, last name, or display name into the Owner field to filter results by the current owner of work items.

Enter date ranges into the Last Updated fields to find work items that were recently edited, or updated during a specific time period.

Search Deleted Items

Select the Recycle tab to see work items in your Recycle Bin that match your search criteria.

Search recycle bin

If you want to restore a work item from the Recycle Bin, select the gear menu to the left of a work item and select Restore.

  • To restore a task , the defect or user story associated with it must be active.
  • Some items, such as releases and iterations, are immediately removed from CA Agile Central upon deletion and are not sent to the Recycle Bin. A warning message displays when attempting to delete these items.

Search Tips

Tip Description
Searches are not case sensitive.

Enter keywords in upper case or lower case characters. All characters, regardless of how you enter them, are understood as lower case. Example: User is interpreted as user and will match on variations of case, such as User user UseR USER.

Note: The search fields for Story Burndown and Story Cumulative reports ARE case sensitive.

All keywords are optional as search criteria. By default, search returns items that include any of your keywords. Example: edit defects is interpreted as edit OR defects.
Use + or AND operators to require matching keywords The + (required) operator requires that the term after the + symbol exists within a search field. To search for results that must contain apple and may contain green, use the query +apple green. To require both keywords, use+apple +green, or apple AND green.
Use - or NOT operators to exclude results containing a keyword The - (prohibit) operator excludes results that contain the term after the - symbol. To search for documents that contain apple but not oranges, use the query +apple -oranges, or +apple NOT oranges.
Search for phrases and similar matches by enclosing them in quotation marks. Keywords enclosed in double quotes are treated as phrases, and displayed together in search results. The search returns exact matches of what you typed, plus various forms of the phrase, based on the stems of each word. For example, a phrase of "test search" returns results for "testing search", "testing searches", "test searching" and so on.
Search in specific fields

Search supports keyword searches that are limited to specific work item fields. Keyword search works for the following fields: Name, Description, Notes, Tags, FormattedID, and Discussion. All keyword searches except for Discussion searches can be combined with boolean operators. For example:

Name:apple AND Description:green

Name:"green apple"

Tags:free OR Tags:gratis


However, "Discussion:apples AND Name:red" will not work.

Wildcards with ? and * operators

You may use single or multiple wildcard searches. To search for text or test, you may use the search te?t.

Multiple character wildcard searches look for 0 or more characters. To search for football, volleyball, or dodgeball, use the query *ball.

Partial string (substring) matches are not supported. Example, if you search for arm, you will not get results for charm, army, or alarm.
Matching occurs on expanded forms of keywords. The search finds work items containing various forms of the keywords you enter in the Search field. Examples: edit returns results for edit or editing or editor, child returns results for child or children.

Search Error Messages

Message Description
Your search contained a syntax error. Review the Search Tips for information on how to correctly form a search request. For example, you may have included the AND operator, but not the second keyword.

Search Summary Pages

As your projects and iterations evolve, you may need to quickly search and locate a specific work item or related discussion. Use the Search box or the ID field on most summary pages to find what you need.

Search summary page

Get more specific results by specifying the project, work item type, and any relevant keywords.

If a work item has been deleted but is listed in your search results, the system displays a message that the work item has been deleted when you attempt to view its details.

The search results and keywords are refreshed (updated) each time you search, and the browser refreshes the page results. Your results remain displayed until you perform another search. Once the browser is closed or you have logged off, the search results are not saved.

Filter by FormattedID

All summary views, with the exception of the Release and Iteration summary views, allow you to search by ID number. Enter the ID number of the work item (excluding the tag or prefix) in the box under the ID column and press Enter or select the Filter button. Use the following delimiters with a specific number to refine your ID search: <= , >= , = , < , > .

Search by FormattedID

Search Within Apps

The following apps support a search field:

Note: Use the query field found in the Custom List app and other apps to search by specific sets of criteria.

Search filters


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