Set Up On-Premises 2018.1

Setting up On-Premises includes the following:

Server Requirements

  • VMWare platform with 64-bit support, including ESX 5.5 and ESX 6.0 (vSphere)
  • 64-bit capable processors with hardware virtualization (Intel® VT-d, AMD AMD-V)
  • Complete checklist for 64-bit guest support
  • At least 8.0 GB of RAM for CA Agile Central’s use (or at least 8 GB RAM for a server dedicated to CA Agile Central)
    • We recommend 12 GB of RAM for improved performance for subscriptions that may serve a higher volume of requests
  • 410 GB of disk space (using SSD storage) for CA Agile Central's VMware image
  • Two CPUs
    Due to recent security enhancements, some customers may experience a mild amount of performance degradation. This is dependent on a number of factors that will vary by installation. If you are observing performance problems, consider using three CPUs instead of two.

Time Zone

The time zone on the On-Premises appliance is always set to Mountain Time zone and cannot be changed.

Install 3rd Party Applications

CA Agile Central highly discourages the installation of any 3rd party applications on the CA Agile Central On-Premises appliance. Any modification to the architecture or configuration changes to the appliance would nullify the CA Agile Central support agreement.

View the License Usage Report

After you install the license file and restart the CA Agile Central application, the usage report displays as a new tab under the Setup page within CA Agile Central. Have a subscription administrator click the Contact Support link in the application and request a license with the Usage Report feature enabled.

CA Agile Central Idea Manager

The documentation for the CA Agile Central Idea Manager is supplied in a separate zip file:

CA Agile

The file is located at the same location where the CA Agile Central On-Premises Installation Guide was downloaded.

View Operating System Components

There are two files that you can access within the On-Premises appliance.

  • https://<ip-address>/controlpanel/packages.txt : Lists of all OS RPMs installed on the system
  • https://<ip-address>/controlpanel/linked_oss_package_list.txt : Lists all the PHP packages and Ruby gems installed on the system

Access the Database

Access to the database on the CA Agile Central appliance is prohibited. The On-Premises support team will, in certain circumstances, access the database to gather important information to resolve a case as a last resort.

View the Release Notes

With each On-Premises release there are release notes associated to it that will give detailed information on what is released. The On-Premises release notes can be found at On-Premises Release Notes.

Use VMPlayer

CA Agile Central does not support VMPlayer. However, there is a free download of VMWare software that will allow you to run VMX inside VMPlayer.

The VMWare OVF Tool is a command-line utility that allows you to convert OVF to VMX.

You can download the VMWare OVF Tool from

Note: You must register or be logged in to VMWare in order to download the OVF Tool. The software does not convert with default settings because the OVF has a defined RAM size of 6,444 MB, but the pre-defined maximum for VMX is 3,600 MB. This can be ignored through the command line switch “---lax”.

After the conversion, the VMX can run inside the VMWare Player. Linux boots into the configuration dialogue shown in the CA Agile Central installation manual.


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