Set Up Site Features

The following instructions are for administrators to set up and manage their CA Agile Central Idea Manager site.

Follow these steps:
  1. Select the Setup tab , which defaults to the Site tab.
    Note: Be sure to select the Save Changes button on each page after you make any changes.
  2. The Site tab has seven pages:
    • Info: The Info page contains basic information about your site, including site's title, meta keywords and descriptions, and the Vanity URL. Use the Vanity URL field if you wish to use your own URL for your site.
    • Components: The Components page allows you to enable user profiles and RSS feeds.
      • Specify whether to display the Dashboard tab for all users. The default is to display only for administrators.
      • RSS feeds are available for public sites only.
      • The Contact Email field defines the system email from which all email notifications come. If you leave this field blank, the system notifications will come from the site administrator's email address.
      • In the Site "baby-sitter" field, enter the email address that should be BCCed on all system-generated emails.
      • You can also elect to turn off all site emails.
      • Advanced Email Options: You can enable daily or weekly mail digests to reduce the number of individual notification emails users receive regarding their ideas. Users can select these enabled options in their profile settings.
        Components page
    • Security: Use the Security page to determine whether the site is public or private, as well as how users may register.
      • On the What type of site do you want? field, select Private if you want users to log in to view ideas. Select Public to allow everyone to view ideas.
      • For registrations, select one of the following options:
        • Everyone: Users can select the Register tab and enter their email address and receive an automated registration email.
        • Admin Invite Only: The Register tab is disabled. Users must be invited to participate by an administrator.
    • Registration: You can restrict your participants through their email address domain so that only specified domains are allowed to self-register.
      1. Select the Restrict Self-Registration by Email Domain checkbox.
      2. Enter a domain (such as,, and select Add Domain.
        Only users using domains added to the right-most box can self-register.
      3. To remove a specific email domain, select the domain and select Remove Domain.
      4. Select Save Changes.
      Registration page
    • Terms: Use the Terms page to enter the Terms and Conditions for the use and participation in CA Agile Central Idea Manager. Basic HTML is allowed. Users must agree to the terms when they first log in. A link to the Terms and Conditions is also displayed on most pages.
    • Design: Use the Design page to set up the overall look and feel of CA Agile Central Idea Manager.
      • The banner is the area at the top of the screen. You can add content to the banner area by uploading an existing image or by using HTML. An image should be 950 pixels wide and generally no more than 150 pixels tall. Using HTML allows you to use multiple images, custom styling, animated GIF files, embedded video, and custom navigation.
      • You can choose from five different pre-set colors for quick, overall color changes. You can also customize specific elements such as the body, buttons, widgets, menu bar, idea list, and idea-specific elements. To customize these elements, select the color square to choose from a palette or enter the five-digit hex code.
      • You can customize the existing CSS (cascading style sheet) or upload your own CSS. CSS allows a highly customizable interface that can be easily integrated into the overall branding already established by your company. With CSS, you can customize properties such as colors, fonts, styles, widget sizes, top navigation, and background.
    • Blog: Create blog posts that all users can read. You can specify whether users can post or comment. Users must subscribe to see the blog, or they can be added by an administrator.
      Note: You must first select the Blog field on the Components page to enable the blog.
      Blog page


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