Solstice AppLauncher

Regardless of industry or leadership role, 9 out of 10 organizations are dealing with business model and digital disruption. The utilization of disruptive technologies are causing pressure to drive innovation and create compounding value. Yet, for many companies, innovation and digitization are not an inherent processes. Building a culture and environment that fosters ingenuity and creativity can be a monumental task , especially finding the methodologies and tools for enabling rapid experimentation and prototyping.


We believe that our agile methodologies are essential for us to innovate, but it’s also the combination of CA Agile Central and AppLauncher that speeds up the process. With the AppLauncher-CA Agile Central integration, teams have visibility and control across projects down to the code level, allowing them to focus on higher-level initiatives and driving innovation.

Our partnership– the combination of Solstice and CA Agile Central– is integral to accelerating innovation and building a standardized and repeatable process for the enterprise. Ultimately, we are able to deliver value faster.


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