Story Deep Copy

This app is designed to help you make copies of a story that include copied versions of all of that story's children and their tasks. One of the uses for this app is to help create templates for epic stories. Some teams have similar structures for each of their features. These teams can make a template for complicated stories and reuse them.

Story Deep Copy

Excluded Values

These fields will not be copied to the new story or task. All other fields and custom fields that are not read-only will be copied.

  • Discussion
  • Rank
  • LastUpdateDate
  • Attachments
  • AcceptedDate
  • Blocker
  • Defects
  • TaskActualTotal
  • TaskEstimateTotal
  • TaskRemainingTotal
  • TaskEstimateTotal
  • FormattedID
  • CreationDate
  • Changesets
  • ObjectID


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