Story Hierarchy

The Story Hierarchy app makes it easy for you to visualize and manage the relationships between parent and child user stories. With this app, you can:

  • View story hierarchies and associated tasks.
  • Filter the top level of the hierarchy by workspace and project .
  • Re-parent stories and tasks with drag-and-drop .
  • Select the FormattedID to see the details of a story or task.
  • Edit, copy, or delete work items directly from the app.

Story Hierarchy

CA Agile Central Portfolio Manager users can see work that is not associated with a portfolio item , indicating work that may not be in alignment with the portfolio.

Source code is available: Story Hierarchy source code

Re-Parent a Story

To re-parent:
  1. You can add multiple copies of the app to a custom page and re-parent between the apps. This is useful for viewing and modifying hierarchies that exist in different projects. This feature also works when the Portfolio Hierarchy app is installed. Drag a user story or hierarchy of user stories into a portfolio item in the app.
    Re-parent with multiple apps
  2. If there isn't a feature for a story, it displays in the Story Hierarchy app. If the story has a feature, it displays under that feature in the Portfolio Hierarchy app. In the Story Hierarchy app, you can see which stories need features (orphaned stories). You can also drag a story (from the Story Hierarchy app) and drop it to a feature in the Portfolio Hierarchy app to parent it to that feature.
Note: Project settings apply only to the top level of the hierarchy. You cannot re-parent across workspaces.


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