Subscription Level App Catalog

The CA Agile Central App Catalog now includes your subscription level apps, enabling easier adoption, updates, and distribution of those apps. To learn more about creating apps, see CA Agile Central App SDK 2.1.

If you experience issues with subscription apps, you are encouraged to open an issue in GitHub, or to correct the issue yourself and create a pull request for it. CA Support will only be able to assist you with issues with the subscription catalog itself and not with any of the apps in the catalog.

Subscription Administrators

As a subscription administrator you can:

Add an app to the catalog

Subscription administrators can add their own Custom HTML apps to the App Catalog to be shown alongside CA Agile Central apps. From the Subscription tab Apps page , click + Add New to add an app:


Administrators can edit the following fields:

Name (required)
Shown in the catalog and is the default name for the app.
Whether the app is available (more information below).
Shown in the catalog. Admins can add links, such as where to get help with the app or find more information.
Shown in the catalog. If none is provided, the image of two gears is shown in the catalog.
Source (required)
The custom HTML code they would add for any apps they already have, build, or find.
Timebox filtering
Whether this app respects iteration , release , and milestone filters. If the app respects these filters, the app will be shown in a special category.

Once apps have been added, they display in the list:

Users will then find these apps in the App Catalog under Source, Subscription:

At any point, a subscription administrator can update the source code for the app and all users will automatically get the updates.

Disable an App

A subscription administrator can also disable an app in case there is a bug with the app or the app is no longer supported. If disabled, a disabled message is displayed in the app and it no longer displays in the catalog.


Delete an App

A subscription administrator can delete an app only if it is not added to any pages. The Apps page will show how many pages have the app, but not which pages. When an app is updated, the change will show in the revision history for the subscription:


CA Agile Central User

As a user you can view and download apps unique to your subscription from the CA Agile Central App Catalog under Source, Subscription.


Need more help? The CA Agile Central Community is your one-stop shop for self-service and support. To submit feedback or cases to CA Agile Central Support, find answers, and collaborate with others, please join us in the CA Agile Central Community.