Team Member Board

The Team Member Board app gives you a view of the team members for each of your projects.

Team Member Board app

Team members are assigned to a project from the Project Users page .

The top section of the board includes:

  • The project name, which is a link to the Users page for that project.
  • An iteration selector.
  • All portfolio items assigned to the selected iteration.

The lower section of the board includes cards for each user on the team:

  • The color bar at the top of a user's card is based on the user's role, as defined in their profile. Learn more.
  • The card background is white if the person is part of the team, and gray if they are not part of the team but they are the owner of tasks in the selected iteration.


Global Settings

You can set the board to change its data with your global project picker , or you can choose a specific project or group of projects to work from. If you choose the Follow Global Project Setting, then the contents of the board will change according to your global project picker. Select Choose Specific Project if you want to see another project's work, regardless of your global project setting.

Use the Auto Height setting to automatically adjust the vertical space of the app based on the amount of visible data.

CA Agile Central Settings


  • Teams - Select one or more teams to display, each in their own column on the board.
  • Card Fields - Select the fields to show on each team member's card.
  • Group By - Select how the cards are grouped in each team.



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