Manage Test Runs

A test run is a printable view of one or more test cases and their test case steps listed in a single, summarized display.

On the Test Run page , you can do the following:

  • Run a test case by completing the steps displayed in the test case.
  • Edit the details of the test case.
  • From Actions, select Print for a complete test run of all test cases and their steps.

You can view a test run from several locations. This flexibility allows you to progress through work activities and view test runs whenever you need to from logical positions within the CA Agile Central application.

  • Your display will vary based upon the user permissions you have been assigned for the project or workspace .
  • You can set your own page size on this summary page.

View a Test Run From the User Story Detail Page

Use the Test Run page from the User Story detail page to run acceptance or functional tests. When a test case is added to a user story it is also added to the test run. The test run also displays all test cases that are associated to child stories.

You can access the test run summary from the user story detail page.

Follow these steps:
  1. Do one of the following:
    • From the Plan tab, select User Stories
    • From the Track tab, select Iteration Status or Release Status.
  2. On the summary page, select any hyperlinked user story Name or ID.
  3. Select Test Run from the Collections icons.

Assess your test case status from the colored information boxes at the top of the page:

  • The red passing box displays the percentage of all test cases (including child user stories) that are passing. Hover over this indicator to display a list of test cases that are not passing. The failing tests window contains a hyperlinked list of test cases that have any verdict other than Pass. Select any of the hyperlinked test cases to navigate to their detail pages.
  • The yellow covered box indicates the percentage of test case coverage that is present for the displayed user story and its related children. Hover over the covered indicator to display a listing of user stories that do not have an associated test case. Select any of the hyperlinked user stories to navigate to their detail pages.

View a Test Run From Test Folders and Test Sets

Use the Test Run page from test folders and test sets to run regression tests. Test folders and test sets are collections of test cases that are available with the CA Agile Central Quality Manager module .

You can access the Test Run page from test folders.

Follow these steps:
  1. Select Quality, Test Plans.
  2. On the Test Plan summary page, select the Run Test run icon icon on the test folder you want to run.

The test folder and test set status bar rolls up the test results of the test cases in the folder as well as results in child folders. Hover over the status bar to display details.

status bar image

  • Green = Passing test cases
  • Red = Failing test cases
  • Yellow = All other test case result verdicts not passing or failing (For example, inconclusive, error or custom values.)
  • White = Not run


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