Troubleshooting for On-Premises 2018.1

If you are experiencing issues, check these symptoms and try the recommended actions in the order in which they are described below:

Symptom Recommended Actions
CA Agile Central stops responding.
  1. Ping the server to verify that it is still available on the network.
  2. Restart CA Agile Central from the control panel.
  3. Restart the server.
Backups fail. A failure message displays in output text. In choosing the appropriate action below, consider whether the backups have completed successfully in the past:
  1. Try FTPing from another server to the server where you are storing backups.
  2. Verify that firewall access is set to allow FTP or SFTP.
  3. Verify there is enough free space at your backup destination.
  4. Verify that DNS is active and working.
CA Agile Central appears to be slow.
  1. Check the resource allocation on your VMware server and notice if it indicates swap activity. You may need to allocate more memory.
  2. Check the network through tracert or some other means to determine whether the network is congested or blocked.
The mail server is not operating.
  1. Check to determine that DNS is set up correctly.
  2. Check to discover if the server is attempting to relay the rallydev domain. This is usually not allowed. If this is the case, configure the masquerade option available from the control panel.
Your browser displays an error warning you of a certificate mismatch.

Connecting to CA Agile Central Web Services API fails with an error similar to: "Remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure".

The domain owner of the URL does not match the owner of the SSL certificate:

Install an SSL certificate that is registered to the same owner as the domain name.

An SSL certificate is not available for your domain.
  1. A certificate is generated by default for the domain: rallyonprem. This is secure, but will produce an error if you wish to use another domain name.
  2. Enable non-secure SSL.
You are locked out of the CA Agile Central control panel.
  1. Set up a WebEx™ session.
  2. Call CA Agile Central Support so that they may log in and reset your password.
Cannot access the CA Agile Central Web Services API documentation from the Help link within CA Agile Central. Access the Web Services documentation directly by typing the URL below into your web browser (change <RALLY SERVER> to the IP address or name of the server hosting your CA Agile Central tool):

https://<RALLY SERVER>/slm/doc/webservice/

There are gaps in the burndown charts. Gaps in the burndown charts sometimes occurs when the analytics process is not running, or if it is in a bad state at midnight (of the workspace timezone). The reporting data collection process will not run, resulting in data gaps or missing days in reports. This can be remedied by a screen-share with a member of the CA Agile Central Support team. Please contact Support if there are gaps in your reports.
Enterprise and Unlimited editions. If your About in On-Premises says Enterprise edition when you purchased Unlimited edition, this field in the About link is not referring to your CA Agile Central Edition; rather, it is a static field that is always set to CA Agile Central Enterprise. The Subscription List feature in the Control Panel will have a list of the modules that have been enabled for your CA Agile Central subscription.
APIKey is not working. APIKey encrypted authentication for work item connectors is not supported in On-Premises installations.


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