Use Flowdock With Google Apps

Link your Google Apps domain with your Flowdock organization so new users who sign up with their Google Apps credentials are automatically added to your Flowdock organization. For more information, see Flowdock administration.

Note: You may also want to add an email domain to your Flowdock organization from the Admin page . This will make sure that people who sign up with their email address (instead of their Google credentials) will also be added to the correct organization.

Create a New Flowdock Organization

  1. Navigate to and select Sign up using Google.
  2. Allow Flowdock to get access to your email address and basic information.
  3. Answer Yes to Connect to Google Apps domain?, and select Confirm.

Your Google Apps domain is now linked with your Flowdock organization. To change your organization's settings later, open the Account page and choose Admin under your organization.

Use an Existing Flowdock Organization

  1. Open your Account page and open the Admin page under your organization.
  2. Under Google Apps, select Connect to Google Apps.
  3. Follow the instructions to link your domain. Once complete, users who sign up at using their Google Apps credentials are added to your Flowdock organization.

Use Google Calendar

  1. Create a new Gmail account.
  2. Forward the mail from the newly created Gmail account to your flow from Mail settings → Forwarding and POP/IMAP → Forwarding.
    To find the flow's email address from its Inbox Settings, select the more options icon ( ⋮ ) next to the flow's name.
  3. Log in to Google Calendar with your own account and open the calendar you want notifications from. Share the calendar with your newly-created Google account.
  4. Log back in to Google Calendar with your newly-created account. Select the shared calendar and select Notifications. Configure which notifications you want sent.
    Changes to the calendar display in your flow's team inbox.


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