Extend CA Agile Central With Apps

An app allows for the combination of data from more than one source into a single, integrated page within CA Agile Central. CA Agile Central offers custom apps and managed apps. A catalog of managed apps is available to CA Agile Central users. These managed apps can be easily installed in custom pages within CA Agile Central, or on your dashboard.

Custom apps combine the information you have stored in CA Agile Central with HTML, JavaScript , and an API to render and manipulate data to suit your specific needs.

Extending CA Agile Central using apps includes the following:

Apps Not In CA Agile Central On-Premises

The following apps are not available to Agile Central On-Premises customers:

  • Cycle Time Chart (Community)
  • Cycle Time Data (Community)
  • Milestone Burnup
  • Milestone Cumulative Flow
  • Portfolio Item Burnup
  • Portfolio Item Cumulative Flow
  • Portfolio Item Scope Change Chart (Community)
  • Project Cumulative Flow
  • PSI Feature Burnup (Community)
  • Release & Iteration Burndown
  • Super Customizable CFD (Community)

Learn more.

Create a Custom Page and Add Apps

Create a custom page containing managed and custom apps with HTML or JavaScript to display reports, graphs, and other information.

Follow these steps:
  1. In the tab where you want to create a custom page, select the + link.
  2. Enter a Name for the custom page and select Save. Your new custom page displays.
  3. Select a page layout option. You can always change this setting later.
  4. Select the Start adding apps link.
    Start adding apps
  5. Search or use the Source or Category filters to locate an app from the App Catalog window and select Add.
    Note: Shift+select Add to keep the catalog open after adding an app.
    App Catalog

    You can display the apps in a list or by tiles, using the view results toggle:

    View results toggle.

Learn more about working with custom pages.

Edit Custom Page Settings

Use selections from the Actions gear menu to add additional apps to the page, share the page with other users in the workspace , copy the page, or change the layout:

Only workspace and subscription administrators can share a page with all users in the workspace.

Learn more about working with custom pages.

App Basics

App basics

Use the gear icon at the top of each app to adjust settings or remove the app.

Move Apps

Select the top bar of the app and drag the app into one of the columns. You can drag the app above or below any app that is currently in the column you are moving it to.

Move apps

View Full Screen

You can run apps in full screen. To run an app in full screen, select the full screen icon in the top bar of the app.

Note: Some features may not work properly when viewing an app in full screen.

Edit Settings

Each app has its own settings menu. Select the gear icon at the top of the app and select Settings.

App settings

Use the Project section to select which projects to collect data from. The Follow Global Project Setting option will use the settings from the Project drop-down.

The options present in the settings menu will vary based on the app. To view available settings and features for an app, select the name in the App Catalog to navigate to the app's help page.

Delete Apps

Select the gear icon at the top of the app and select Delete App.

Build Custom Queries

Custom List and other apps provide the Query field in the settings menu. With this field, you can build custom queries that filter work items based on entries in various fields.

Query field

Learn more about building custom queries.

View Custom Code

Use the Custom HTML app to host custom app code. To view your custom source code for further editing and troubleshooting, select the gear icon at the top of a Custom HTML app and select View Source.

Adjust App Height

To increase or decrease the vertical size of an app, select and drag the gripper icon at the bottom of of the pane:

Gripper icon

Some apps, such as boards and custom apps, can automatically adjust the vertical space to display all visible data.

To enable this setting:
  1. Select the gear icon at the top of the app and select Settings.
  2. In the app settings menu, select the Auto Height checkbox.
  • If a gripper icon is not present at the bottom of an app, the vertical size cannot be adjusted.
  • Manually adjusting the vertical size by dragging with the gripper icon will deselect the Auto Height setting, if applicable.
  • The Auto Height setting can only be enabled when there is only one app in a dashboard or custom page column. Moving an app underneath one with the Auto Height setting enabled will deselect the option.
  • Apps that support the Auto Height setting will have it enabled when the app is installed only if there are no other apps in the column.
  • To print the full contents of an app through the right-click menu, disable the Auto Height setting first.

Custom Apps

The CA Agile Central app catalog also contains customizable apps. You can install these apps to manipulate CA Agile Central data, use your own custom code, or access external web resources.

Install the Custom HTML app from the catalog to insert your own custom HTML or Javascript code:

Custom HTML

Install the Custom List (formerly Custom Grid) app to sort and filter CA Agile Central data in a grid-based format.

Custom List

The Query field in the app settings menu provides you with the ability to filter the data with SQL-style queries through the CA Agile Central Web Services API.

Install the Custom URL app to view external web resources or websites within a custom page:

Custom URL app


Need more help? The CA Agile Central Community is your one-stop shop for self-service and support. To submit feedback or cases to CA Agile Central Support, find answers, and collaborate with others, please join us in the CA Agile Central Community.