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Use the Plan Progression page to see which features (the lowest-level portfolio items) were added, removed, and completed after a plan is published on the Capacity Planning page. Tracking the progress of a plan allows product managers, program managers, and release train engineers to steer and monitor progress in a release.

Plans are published immediately after quarterly planning or by the first day of the release. This information is used as the baseline snapshot and represents the committed plan for the release train. Changes made on the first day of the release are considered part of the baseline plan. If the plan is changed mid-release and republished, this will not impact the baseline plan unless new teams or projects are added or removed from the plan that have lowest-level portfolio items associated to them prior to the first day of the release.

Plan Progression page showing work completed and time elapsed

The Plan Progression page has tabs to view features that were added, removed, and completed since the plan was last published. The number in parentheses indicates the total number of features in each tab :

  • In Plan - All of the lowest-level portfolio items that are currently in the plan.
  • Added - The lowest-level portfolio items that were not part of the published plan but have the same corresponding release as the plan and associated to the teams within the plan.
  • Removed - The lowest-level portfolio items that were originally part of the plan but after day one of the release, the Release field was set to something other than the corresponding release of the plan and associated to the teams within the plan. Added items that were later removed also display in the Removed section.
  • Completed - The lowest-level portfolio items that have an Actual End date populated and are associated to the teams within the plan.

In Plan, Added, Removed, and Completed tabs

The Plan Progression page only displays work by teams in the capacity plan. If a team outside the capacity plan takes ownership of a feature, it is not included.

You can also view the completed work against the time elapsed in the release in the Plan Tracker section of the page.

For a chart form of what work has been added, removed, completed, and is still in progress, see the Program Increment Scope Chart section at the bottom of the page. The Work Completed value is based on accepted leaf story points on a feature that are associated to any team or project in the plan.

Program Increment Scope Chart


  • The plan you are tracking has been published on the Capacity Planning page.
  • The plan uses the lowest-level portfolio item.
  • The plan has start and end dates. If the plan has a different start and end release, the data on the page will only capture information related to the start release.
  • All of the teams that have features that are part of the plan have been added. If teams are missing, the planned progression will not load.

Follow these steps:

  1. From the Portfolio menu, select Plan Progression.


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