View Revision History

CA Agile Central systematically captures each field -level change any time you edit or update a work item, and records changes on a Revisions page .

Note: It is important to enter a detailed Change Description when editing a work item. This field displays in both the Revisions page and the My Notifications dashboard app to help you understand and manage changes to CA Agile Central work items .

View Revision History

To view your revision history:
  1. Select Revision History from the work item details ribbon.
    detail page ribbon showing Revision History
  2. Review the revision history. This includes:
    • The automatically generated revision number .
    • The change description. Both system-generated and user comments display.
    • The date and time of the revision.
    • The name of the team member who authored the change.

Revision Triggers

There are multiple circumstances which prompt a revision to be created for a work item in CA Agile Central. In some instances, the system automatically generates the revision, and in other cases a user action initiates the revision by editing a work item.

The following table displays the triggers that produce a revision:

Work item Revision trigger
All work items
  • Any direct edit or update of a work item
  • Add or remove attachments
  • Multi-edit from Actions.
Releases and iterations Add, remove, delete work items
Test cases Add test case result
  • Any direct edit or update of a workspace
  • Changing a work item field to required or optional
  • Changing a work item field to hidden or visible


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