Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF) Dashboard

The Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF) Dashboard leverages a publicly available CA Agile Central Community App , and can be found on GitHub. This Dashboard allows program managers and product managers to quickly score features in their program backlog to help them prioritize feature work during Agile Release Train planning.

WSJF is a lean method for determining backlog prioritization (job sequencing) using the cost of delay and remaining job size. In SAFe , this algorithm is applied at PSI boundaries to continuously update program priorities based on current business context, value, development facts, risk , and effort considerations.

The formula for WSJF is ( User Value+OERR (Risk Reduction|Opportunity Value)+Time Value)/Job Size. If the team's job size estimates are updated to include only time remaining, then constant application of WSJF ignores sunk costs, which is a key economic principle of lean.


Set Up the Dashboard

Note: View the steps on creating a custom page prior to completing the steps below.
Follow these steps:
  1. Create and configure a custom page using the following details:
    • Name: WSJF Dashboard
    • Sharing: Select appropriately if you want this dashboard to be available to just you or everyone in the workspace
    • Filter: Select None (this setting is not applicable for this dashboard)
    • Specify the page layout for the custom page

    Configure Custom Page
  2. Add the Custom HTML app.
    1. Select the Custom HTML app from the app catalog.
    2. From the app gear menu, select Settings.
      • Title: WSFJ Calculator, or something descriptive for your methodology
      • Project : Select Choose Specific Project and scope to the program you are working on, then specify Child Projects for scoping of the items to display.
      • HTML: Paste in the HTML source code from GitHub for the WSFJ custom app .
      Custom HTML
    3. You can edit the WSJF app directly using in-line editing for each of the Time Value, OERR, User Value, and Job Size fields. The WSJF score is automatically calculated by the app for these values. Note that some fields in the WSJF app are not currently displayed in standard detail pages.
      WSJF Calculator


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