CA Agile Central On-Premises Version 2.0 Release Notes

These release notes provide pertinent information regarding the additions for the Agile Central On-Premises Version 2.0 release, including hardware and software requirements, compatibility, defect fixes, and known issues for the CA Agile Central Enterprise and Unlimited Editions. All features, changes, and defect fixes were periodically released to CA Agile Central On-Demand from February 22nd, 2018 to January 1st, 2019.

Please refer to the Agile Central On-Premises v2.0 Administrator Guide for setup and configuration information.

Note: If you do not have internet access, offline help is not available for this release. The online help for users that have internet access can be accessed at:

On-premises releases are now communicated via the CA Agile Central Community, where you can also ask your most pressing questions.

Available Patches for v2.0

The following patch release is available for CA Agile Central On-Premises 2.0:  


New Architecture

The Agile Central On-Premises re-architected system will allow us to deliver a SaaS-like offering to hosted environments through containerized microservices:

  • Leveraging PaaS-like application platform
  • Leveraging container-based virtualization
  • Easy customer installs
  • Ability to run metrics and backups
  • New license required
    • Contact Support and select "Licensing" under product

Air Gap and Non-Air Gap Differences

Note: An "airgapped" environment is a network that has no path to inbound or outbound internet traffic.
  Air Gap Non-Air Gap
Environment VM that is on a server that does not have access to the Internet. VM that is on a server that can have access to the Internet.
License Updates License file received from Provisioning department and uploaded into the VM. The sync is then performed from the Dashboard with the License Sync button. License information is periodically synchronized and reflects the latest license information without user intervention.
Software Updates The customer's unique Airgap software bundle has to be downloaded from the Download portal and copied to their VM. Software updates are also received through unique download links and must be copied to the virtual machine at the same location as the original installation files. An update is performed through the Dashboard's Check Now button.

Customers can check for and install updates through the Dashboard with a click of a button.

Customers can also automatically check for software updates on a cadence.

Initial Installation After VM and license installation through vSphere, manual steps are performed to download the Airgap bundle from the Download portal and copy to the VM to finish the Install process. After VM and license installation, services are downloaded automatically from the Download portal.

New Features

Team Board Card Age and Archive

The Team Board is easy to set up and empowers teams to own their process. Team Board is the great new Kanban experience for teams that will allow them to work in their own processes as they see fit as a team, but still have that great organizational rollup so you can see what’s happening across teams of teams, programs and entire organization.

Learn more.

Work Views

The Work Views page is your one-stop shop to view all the work items relevant to one or more teams/projects. The page allows you to easily view and find your work and manage it in one place. You can manage multiple levels of work items for multiple teams and create work views. Views can be saved for quick access.

Learn more.

Quality Management

The Quality Management page provides you with a single location to organize and manage test cases into test folders. When planning your test effort, assemble test cases in a hierarchy of folders, then see the summarized results.

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Saved and Shared Views

The ability to save and share a view has been added to the Team Board and Work Views pages. This allows you to set up the page as you like, and save that view for future use. You can also share the view with others.

Advanced Filters

Advanced filters are now available on Work Views, Team Board, Quality Management, and Team Planning pages. Advanced filters allow you to specify date ranges and have more comparison operators than quick filters.

Editing Your Profile

So that you can more efficiently edit the settings that are relevant to you, the look and feel of the Edit Profile pane has been updated.

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Risks are a new work item type. This allows you to track risks inside CA Agile Central along with your other work. You can link risks to your portfolio items, add risks to a release, or add tasks to address actions related to the risk.

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Use Portfolio, Release Tracking to view all features in a selected release that have dependencies on other features, even if the other feature is not assigned to the selected release.

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Third-Party Context

As an on-premises user, you can see and navigate to all of the context related to a work item, even if that context is outside of CA Agile Central. The connections data for a work item gives you this information. You can also see the changesets on your work items along with pull requests.

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  • Updates to CA Agile Central Database Connector (Postgres).
  • Updates to CA Agile Central Database Connector (MS SQL Server).
  • Updates to Installation & User Guide for CA Agile Central Connector to HP ALM (Quality Center).
  • IBM Clearquest support has been discontinued.
  • Bugzilla support has been discontinued.

Known Issues

  • A defect is currently impacting the use of custom apps that use the SDK and community apps. We are working on a patch that includes a fix.
  • Important: We strongly suggest using a specific Group filter for LDAP settings, to include all of the Agile Central users. Otherwise, if no Group filter is entered, all of the users under the Base DN will be synchronized with Agile Central.
  • LDAP - On a brand-new installation, LDAP User Synchronization happens only once, after the initial LDAP settings are entered into the Admin Control Panel and settings are saved and applied. Confirm that your LDAP settings are accurate prior to saving it for the first time.
    • If a user is removed from the Group in Active Directory, they are no longer able to login to Agile Central. An admin will need to login to Agile Central and disable the removed user in order to free up the license user count.
  • "Email all users" functionality that was present in the old Control Panel is currently not available in the new Administration Control Panel. It will be included in a future release.
  • Login Banner functionality that was present in the old Control Panel is currently not available in the new Administration Control Panel. It will be included in a future release.
  • Restore functionality is not available on existing VMs. Restore will only work on fresh VM installations.
  • FTP is no longer an option that will be available within the new Administration Control Panel. It is available manually though the command line through the Services VM.


What has changed between v2018.1 and Agile Central On-Premises version 2.0?

  • You must upgrade to 2018.1 prior to moving to the On-Premises v2.0 release.
  • "Email all users" is currently not available in the Administration Control Panel. It will be included in a future release.
  • Currently, you cannot do a restore unless it is on a fresh VM installation. You cannot restore into an existing VM; you need to install a new VM in order to run a restore.
  • LDAP synchronization report is not an option at this moment. The information can be found in the support bundle of all users whether they were added or not.
  • Oracle Internet Directory service is now partially supported - synchronization of new users is not supported, only authentication of existing users is supported.

Hardware and Software Requirements

  • VMware platform with 64-bit support, including ESX 6.0 & 6.5 (vSphere)
  • 64-bit capable processors with hardware virtualization (Intel® VT-d, AMD AMD-V)
  • See the complete checklist for 64-bit guest support
  • Memory: At least 12 GB of RAM for the Services VM and at least 16 GB of RAM for the Database VM for CA Agile Central On-Premises
  • Disk Space: 410 GB for each VM (we recommend using SSD storage)
  • Number of Cores: Two CPUs for Database VM and three CPUs for the Services VM
  • Google Chrome is required for the Agile Central Control Panel

Build Details

  • On-Premises Build: 2.0
  • CA Agile Central ALM Build: 23677
  • WSAPI: v2.0

Not Available in Agile Central On-Premises v2.0

The following features are only available in Agile Central SaaS, and are not currently available in On-Premises v2.0:


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