How to Authorize a Subscription Merge

After submitting a signed order form to CA Agile Central Sales, both subscription administrators must enter their credentials into CA Agile Central to authorize the merge of two subscriptions, otherwise called a subscription merge.

The most efficient way to begin is to create temporary Subscription Administrator users in both subscriptions for CA Support to utilize through the merge process. The only function that will be done with these users is to approve the merge. After the merge is complete these users will be removed. If you choose to go this route, these accounts can be created using the format of [email protected] for the username, where 1234 is your subscription ID and domain is your domain, and set [email protected] as the email address.

If you would prefer to not create these users in your subscription and do this authorization on your own, please refer to the below video. Please also review the following Help resources:

Once we have the subscription merge authorized, we can schedule the merge as soon as possible. Subscription merges can take place on weekdays after 5 PM (Eastern) Monday through Thursday. Subscription merges can take several hours of downtime.

To start, contact your CA Account Representative for the merge authorization.

How to Authorize a Subscription Merge

Once ready to begin the authorization, please make sure that subscription administrators from BOTH the source and destination subscriptions have access to the same computer. This could be in-person, via screen-sharing, or even the same person with accounts in both subscriptions.

Follow these steps:
  1. As the subscription administrator for the source subscription, login to CA Agile Central.
  2. Select the Setup icon, then go to the Subscription tab.
  3. Under the Actions menu at top-right, select Authorize Merge.
  4. The source subscription administrator's credentials will be pre-populated. Please enter the credentials for the destination subscription administrator.
  5. Select Authenticate.
  6. On the next screen, confirm the details of the merge. If everything is correct, select Authorize.

Please refer to the below video for a demonstration of this process:

How to Authorize a Subscription Merge


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