Q2 2019 Release Notes

These notes provide pertinent information regarding features, changes, and defect fixes that were periodically released to CA Agile Central On-Demand from April 1, 2019 to June 30, 2019. Hardware and software requirements, compatibility, and known issues for the CA Agile Central Enterprise and Unlimited Editions during this time period are also provided in the main Release Notes.


The following features were added or updated during the respective quarter.

Editable Detail Page Deprecation

The Editable Detail Page (EDP) has been deprecated and replaced by the Full View Detail Page (FDP) and the Quick Detail Page (QDP).

Learn more.

Filtering When Adding Features to Capacity Planning

When adding portfolio items to your capacity plan, you can filter to make it faster and easier to find the portfolio item you want to add.

Block Portfolio Items

You can block a portfolio item if you need to. When you a block a portfolio item, the portfolio item displays as blocked, but the associated work items remain unblocked. Blocking a portfolio item has no affect on the work items associated with that portfolio item, including parent portfolio items.

Team Board Updates

  • You can now collapse columns on the team board to increase screen real estate and focus your board view.  Learn more.




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