CA Agile Central Community

High quality Apps that are not yet included in CA Agile Central’s catalog are stored in CA Agile Central Community. Community Apps are usually customer submitted or the result of an internal experiment on how to better display data. These cutting-edge Apps are not yet fully tested or directly supported by CA Agile Central, and thus may not always provide an ideal experience in all environments. CA Agile Central Community Apps usually offer a glimpse at the future of the core CA Agile Central interface, and can provide a basis for improvement in advanced functionality.

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Dont forget to read our Standards and Policies for writing and submitting an app.


ヘルプをお求めですか?CA Agile Central コミュニティは、セルフサービスとサポートのワンストップ ショップです。CA Agile Central サポートにフィードバックを送信したり、答を見つけたり、他のユーザとのコラボレーションには CA Agile Central コミュニティ にご参加ください。