App SDK 1.x

Deprecation Warning! The content below is only applicable for use within deprecated 1.x versions of CA Agile Central's App SDK. Use of the components and code on this page is not supported. To develop custom apps within our current environments, please see App SDK 2.1 documentation.

Apps allow you to extend and customize your CA Agile Central subscription or integrate to third party systems. Apps are written in JavaScript and deployed within your CA Agile Central subscription as a custom page. Since the app content is stored within your CA Agile Central subscription, you gain the deployment benefits of software-as-a-service.

The App SDK includes a set of data-aware, user-interface components that allow for quicker and easier creation of custom apps. User interface (UI) components include drop-downs for iteration, release, and programs, pie chart, table, attribute drop-down, object drop-down, and standard reports. A CA Agile Central Data Source component allows an intuitive interface to the data in your CA Agile Central subscription.

This document provides a basic overview of how to use v1.32 of the App SDK to build apps as well as a reference for the commands, parameters, and return values of the App SDK.

For a basic introduction to app development and CA Agile Central recommended tips and tricks see App Development: Getting Started.

App SDK Versions

This document represents the current version of the App SDK: v1.32.

What's new in v1.32:

  • Improved detection of workspaces with a manual ranking setting

What's new in v1.27-v1.31:

  • Versions updated to stay in sync with Web Services API versions 1.27-1.31
  • No changes to code or features

What's new in v1.26:

  • Updated components:
    • Card Board
      • Added configuration property cardOptions
      • Added method resize

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