The CA Agile Central Build Connector for Bamboo

The CA Agile Central Build Connector for Bamboo posts information about Bamboo Plan Builds to CA Agile Central. The CA Agile Central Build Connector is classified as a one-way and one-time mechanism. Information in Bamboo is never altered. The AC Build Connector consists of software that you run on your platform according to your desired schedule. The configuration of the connector is policy-based, meaning that you do not need to provide configuration information in Bamboo for each plan for which you want the connector to operate. While you can configure specific plans with this connector, you can also configure by views and folders with the option to use shell regex syntax to include plans or exclude plans. The policy-based nature allows you to add Bamboo Plans per Bamboo Project without altering the configuration in order to get the builds for those plans posted to Agile Central.

See the Bamboo Installation and User Guide for information on installing, configuring, and using the connector.


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