BMC Remedy

By integrating CA Agile Central with other ITSM and ALM tools, organizations can synchronize data across the connected tools. The integration between CA Agile Central and BMC, through Kovair Omnibus, removes functional silos, reduces manual handoff and functional dependencies, and in the process enhances teams’ productivity.

Key benefits of the Remedy-Kovair-CA Agile Central integration include:

  • ALM-ITSM convergence: Development teams can have better visibility of requirements and support teams can have better visibility of development, leading to an easier adoption of Dev-Ops.
  • Integrated service desk: The synchronization between CA Agile Central and Remedy improves collaboration between development teams and technical support teams to accelerate the correction of customer-reported issues. It keeps multiple service desks and departments across the organization that may be working on the same customer issue in sync.
  • Increased visibility: Help desk and development teams get real-time visibility of each others' artifacts without leaving the environment of their respective tools. Avoids delays and errors in customer communication.
  • Traceability and cross-tool reporting: Provides insight across tool artifacts in both CA Agile Central and Remedy allowing to trace issues being worked by development and customer tickets. Trace an incident from a CA Agile Central user story to a Remedy incident with bi-directional updates. A single report allows management clear visibility about the volume of effort invested in resolving a ticket and enables it to take necessary corrective actions.


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