The CA PPM (formerly CA Clarity) integration built and supported by CA Technologies bridges portfolio governance and agile delivery to provide faster feedback loop between investment planning and business deliverables. The integration connects portfolio budgeting and funding with enterprise-scale agile delivery and brings feature progress visibility in PPM dashboards, bringing the right level of business information to PPM for management visibility.

Features include:

  • Create a CA Agile Central initiative from a CA PPM project, linking funding with work.
  • Create a CA PPM task from a CA Agile Central feature, exposing incremental business value to PPM.
  • Display CA Agile Central feature status on a CA PPM task in real-time.
  • 100% API-enabled to simplify customer upgrades and eliminate hard coding.
  • View resource allocations from agile teams

This integration is available to CA Agile Central SaaS and On-Premises customers.

CA PPM–CA Agile Central integration workflows:

Learn about an integration for PPM Timesheets.


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