Community App Catalog

The CA Agile Central Community App Catalog contains apps that were created outside of CA Agile Central. They have been carefully selected and reviewed by the CA Agile Central engineering team. CA Agile Central provides limited support for these applications, and they are subject to Beta terms:

Note: CA makes each of these applications available to you subject to the terms for Beta Products set forth in the SaaS Listing for CA Agile Central and to any additional terms included with such applications. By accessing or using the applications, you agree that these terms for Beta Products govern your access to and use of the applications in conjunction with CA Agile Central.

If you experience issues with these apps, you are encouraged to open an issue in GitHub (links to the GitHub repository are provided with each community app in the app catalog) or to correct the issue yourself and create a pull request for it. While we will do our best to keep apps up to date, updates in the GitHub repository will not be automatically or immediately reflected in the app catalog, and we will not guarantee pulling in these updates. You can also create a custom HTML app on your custom page or in your subscription app catalog using the source code from GitHub to make modifications to suit your needs. CA Support will only be able to assist customers with critical issues with these apps, such as a failure to load, data loss, or similar issues.

Some older apps are being moved to the community app catalog. Subscriptions that do not have the community app catalog enabled will not be able to add these apps to custom pages. If these apps already exist on custom pages, they will not be affected.

Turn on Community Apps

The Community App Catalog can only be turned on by a subscription administrator for an entire subscription. This provides access to all community apps for all users in the subscription.

If the subscription administrator has not enabled community apps, the Add button is grayed-out on the App Catalog page.

To turn on Community Apps:
  1. Go to the Setup menu, then select the Subscription tab.
  2. In Actions, Edit Subscription, turn on the “Allow community app catalog apps” option. This will allow users to add community apps to their custom pages.

On-Premises Considerations

Community apps may be updated after an on-premises release. If you are experiencing issues with a community app, try one of the following:

  • Download the html code from GitHub and install it as a Custom HTML app.
  • Have your subscription administrator add the app in the Subscription App catalog.


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