Convert Work Items

You can convert work items from one type (source) to another (target) using the ⋮ (Actions), Convert menu.

If you are converting a defect to a user story, the behavior is different. Learn more.

During conversion, an attribute is moved if it exists on the target type.

  • Attachments are moved from the source to the target item.
  • Revision history is not moved over to the target item.
  • Discussion posts are copied to the target item.
  • Fields that exist on the target item are moved to the new item. Fields that do not exist on the target item are added to the notes.
  • Required fields are not enforced when work items are converted. They will be enforced the next time the work item is edited.
  • For associations:
    • For tasks, children, connections, test cases, and risks (associations): If there are associations on the source item and associations are available on the target type, they are moved. If the target type does not support associations, the associations are moved to the Recycle Bin with the source item.
    • Dependencies (predecessors and successors) are always disassociated.

When the conversion is complete, the source item is moved to the Recycle Bin.

To convert a work item:
  1. Open the source item in the Quick Detail page or Full View detail page.
  2. Select ⋮ (Actions), Convert.
    Actions, Convert menu
  3. Select the target type from the drop-down menu. The target types in the menu change based on the source type.
    For example, a user story can be converted to a:
    • Defect
    • Portfolio Item (subtype)
  4. Select Confirm.


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