Cross-Workspace Release Status

The Cross-Workspace Release Status app provides a management view of work across workspaces that share the same release schedule. A shared release schedule is determined by a set of releases with the same names, start, and end dates.

Cross Workspace Release Status

In the app, you can:

  • View all user stories, defects, and defect suites in shared releases.
  • View FormattedID, Name, Schedule State, Plan Estimate, Task Estimate, and To Do field values.
  • View blocked work in releases, identified by a red schedule state icon.
  • Print the app contents from the Actions menu.
  • Use the Release drop-down menu to view past and future shared releases.
    If a release with the same name and different dates exists, the Release drop-down displays the unique dates.

Source code is available: Cross Workspace Release Status source code


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