Custom URL

IMPORTANT: Enabling custom app pages allows users to create pages containing HTML, JavaScript, and other client-side scripting languages. Allowing this feature may expose your subscription to Cross Site Scripting (XSS) security vulnerabilities such as code injection and the manipulation of client-side applications by malicious users. Your subscription administrator must enable custom apps.

The Custom URL app displays content from the URL you specify. For example, if you specify, the CA Agile Academy website displays within the app. Only HTTPS URLs are supported.

  • Some web pages may not allow display within a CA Agile Central app frame and will attempt to refresh the current browser such that the URL replaces the CA Agile Central view. If this occurs and you are unable to navigate back to a CA Agile Central page, you may enable safe mode to modify the URL or delete the app. To enable safe mode, enter ?safe into your current dashboard or custom page URL, immediately following the .com section. Example:
  • Modern browsers may block sites from displaying due to same-origin policy or protocol settings. We are aware of an issue where the Custom URL app either returns a vague error or does not load content for some URLs if the destination website does not allow iframes from pages with different origins to display. With many companies increasing the security of their webpages, this is going to be much more common. This still happens when using https:// depending on how the target site's security is set up.


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