Defect Summary Matrix

The Defect Summary Matrix app displays a breakdown of defects in a release by the State and Priority fields.

Defect Summary Matrix

When the app loads, you will see a summary table of defect states and priorities. Priority field values are represented as rows, while State field values are columns.

  • A count of defects in the release with each priority and state are displayed in each cell. Use the Release drop-down menu to view the totals from past or future releases.
  • If you have added custom values to the State or Priority fields, they will be displayed in the app.
  • A blank or no entry row is provided if the defect does not have a priority.
  • Totals are provided in the bottom row and right-most column.

The source code is available: Defect Summary Matrix source code

View Additional Defect Information

Follow these steps:
  1. Select a cell in the summary table to see a table of details for all defects that match the conditions for severity and priority:
    Details table
    The detailed information includes the FormattedID, Name, State, Priority, and Owner for each defect.
  2. Sort data by selecting column names.
  3. Select the FormattedID of a defect to navigate to the item's detail page.



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