Dependency Status Dashboard #2

The Dependency Status Dashboard app shows dependencies between user stories for a series of upcoming iterations. This assists groups with forecasting potential blocks in the next iteration. Product owners will be able to see what teams they need to talk to about their dependencies.

Dependency Status Dashboard #2

Dependencies are based on predecessor and successor settings in user stories. Any iterations with a State field value of Planning or Committed display in the app.

Features include:

  • View a list of any user stories in iterations that have dependencies on other stories or defects
  • View the FormattedID, Name, and Plan Estimate values of user stories with dependencies
  • View the FormattedID, Name, and Schedule State values of dependent user stories
  • View the FormattedID, Name, and Owner values of dependent defects
  • Select any of the blue hyperlinks to navigate to an iteration, user story, or defect detail page
  • Warning icons warning icon will display in the app when:
    • A dependency is not yet scheduled
    • A defect is associated to a user story or dependency
    • A dependency is scheduled too late to start work on the original story
    • A dependency is marked as blocked
  • Only immediate story predecessors are listed in the app.
  • Be sure to set the state of your iteration to Accepted after it has ended to prevent old data from displaying.

Source code is available here: Dependency Status Dashboard #2 source code


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