CA Agile Central's Eclipse Plugin Installation Guide

You can install the plugin either while connected to the Internet or offline.

Online Eclipse Installation

Follow these steps:
  1. In Eclipse, go to HelpInstall New Software and enter the updated site URL:
  2. Select the features you want to install and finish the wizard.

Offline Eclipse Installation

If you are behind a firewall that prevents Eclipse from connecting to the update site, you can download an archived update.

Follow these steps:
  1. Go here to download the update:
  2. Go to HelpInstall New Software. Add, Archive and select the downloaded file.

Use the Plugin

To get started with Tasktop Dev for CA Agile Central for Eclipse, select the CA Agile Central button on the toolbar and follow the steps on the dashboard. A CA Agile Central page located under the My Home page. Panels on the dashboard display various information and charts. Users can control what panels display and how they appear. You can create multiple dashboards as custom pages.

For information on how to use this plugin, visit Tasktop Dev. See Tasktop's User Guide for more information. If you have any issues or questions about this connector email [email protected].


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