Electric Cloud

Electric Cloud’s DevOps platform seamlessly integrates with multiple areas across the CA Agile Central ALM lifecycle. Electric Cloud’s plugins to CA Agile Central support test, defect, requirements, release, and build touch-points, enabling continuous delivery by ALM team members to synchronize building, testing, and releasing of software.

The plugin enables you to create, read, update, delete, and query CA Agile Central objects. This plugin also links to reports that contain information from the CA Agile Central server about what was linked, updated, or created.

The plugin interacts with CA Agile Central API using PERL and JSON to perform the following tasks:

  • Create configuration to hold connection information
  • Query for objects information
  • Create, read, delete, and update objects

Download Electric Cloud.


Cost:  Free at http://electric-cloud.com/plugins/directory/p/rally


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