Enterprise Tester

Enterprise Tester from Catch Software fully supports synchronizing requirements (user stories) and nested requirements (child stories) to and from CA Agile Central. Specify which requirements to synchronize by filtering one or more of these parameters:

  • Iterations
  • Owners
  • Releases
  • Scheduled states
  • Tags

CA Agile Central users will also benefit from the same features that are supported for all of our supported external systems including:

  • Automated synchronization schedules
  • Synchronization history
  • Quick links to the CA Agile Central user story and child story
  • External systems links
  • Synchronization of in-built and custom fields

It is envisaged that a future release of Enterprise Tester will also integrate with CA Agile Central for defect management.


  • Enterprise Tester provides CA Agile Central customers with another option for working with an enterprise test management tool that integrates tightly with their current way of working in CA Agile Central.
  • CA Agile Central customers currently using other, more expensive and less-featured tools allow the total cost of ownership for life cycle tools (CA Agile Central + ET) to be significantly reduced.
  • Enterprise Tester integrates with a number of automated testing tools like QTP, Rational Functional Tester, Selenium, Cucumber, automated build servers, and numerous other automated testing tools.


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