Estimation Board

The Estimation Board app provides a view of unaccepted stories, defects, and defect suites organized by plan estimate sizes. Default sizes are provided when you first add the app. You can customize the sizes for the app by updating the settings under the gear menu.

Estimation Board

The Estimation Board allows for:

  • Drag-and-drop controls to quickly change the plan estimate of a story or defect
  • Filtering cards by type
  • Direct links to stories and defects
  • Custom settings for plan estimate sizes

Some stories and defects will be sized where their plan estimates do not exactly match the size column. They are either too small for the larger size or too large for the smaller size. These stories and defects do not have their planned estimates auto-updated to the size of the column on display. They will be auto-updated when dragged to another size.

  • If you have manual ranking enabled, you will not be able to use drag-and-drop re-ranking within a state.
  • Any work items with a Schedule State of Accepted will not display on the board.
  • Columns are limited to 200 cards.

Source code is available: Estimation Board app source code

Customize Plan Estimate Sizes

To customize sizes:
  1. In the app gear menu, select Settings.
  2. Sizes require a column name and plan estimate value. Add a new size by selecting the + icon. Delete a size by selecting the - icon.



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