Git (OpsHub)

OpsHub Integration Manager (OIM) allows the cross-functional teams using disparate tools like Git and CA Agile Central in application development organizations to effectively communicate and collaborate with each other, thus increasing overall team agility, productivity, and efficiency.

OIM supports the synchronization of defects, requirements, and test cases available in Git to all the possible entities existing in CA Agile Central such as defects, user stories, test cases, test sets, test case result (only write support), and task.

  • Supports uni-directional synchronization from Git to CA Agile Central for all supported entities, including adding a change set linked to CA Agile Central artifact against which commit made is in Git.
  • User can provide commit message in form of simple text without any fixed format with CA Agile Central formatted Id specified somewhere in the commit message.
  • Integration can be enabled to do other tasks like change status, add comments etc. in CA Agile Central for a given commit in Git.
  • Provides deployment options to fit the needs of business whether On-Premises or on the customer cloud.
  • Fully manageable and functional from the web-based administration tool, including defining entities for synchronization between Git and CA Agile Central.
  • Maintains history of both systems. If any of Git or CA Agile Central becomes unavailable, it will reflect all transactions that occurred during that time once the system is operational again.
  • Provides with templates and the ability to define custom mapping between ALM systems to support mapping of fields and linkages.



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