How To Change a Username in CA Agile Central

If you have user administration permissions, you can change a user's user name. Changing a username will not generate an email notification. Since only subscription administrators may change this field, please make sure affected users are notified prior to the change. The change will be stored in the subscription's revision history.

Ownership of work items, custom views, notification rules, and user settings will not be affected when a username is changed. When a user owns a work item, the display name will be shown. If that user has no display name set, the first name and first initial of the last name will be shown. If these fields are also blank in the user's settings, the portion of their username before the '@' symbol will display.

Follow these steps:
  1. To change a username in CA Agile Central, access the Setup, Users page. To the left of the name you want to change, click the gear icon and select Edit from the menu.
    edit user image
  2. In the resulting editor window, you may edit the username field. The standard username rules still apply.
    user detail image


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