Iteration Dashboard

The Iteration Dashboard app displays iteration data in several formats, including pie charts, a general health summary, and an advanced burndown chart. View the progress in the iteration broken down by work item type and state.

Source code is available: Iteration Dashboard app source code

Pie Charts

Three pie charts display in the dashboard:

  • Scheduled Work: Displays the count of user stories, defects, and defect suites in each Schedule State.
  • Test Cases: Displays the total last verdict count of test cases that are associated with user stories scheduled in the iteration.
  • Defects: Display a breakdown of defects scheduled or linked to user stories that are scheduled in the iteration by the State field.

Hover over slices in the pie charts to see a count. Select a slice to persistently display the count to perform a comparison between the three charts.

Iteration Health

This section computes the health of the iteration based on the percent of stories complete (count of stories accepted or released divided by the total number of stories in the iteration) and the number of days completed in the iteration.

  • Good displays when the percentage is greater than or equal to 90.
  • At Risk displays when the percentage is greater than or equal to 70 and less than 90.
  • Critical displays when the percentage less than 70.

Iteration Health


An advanced burndown chart displays next to the pie charts. Bars are color-coded according to schedule state, and an ideal burndown trend line is provided. Hover over a bar to see details on the date and hours or points displayed.

Use the Dashboard

Use the Iteration drop-down menu to select past iterations to display in the dashboard. If the app is scoped to view multiple projects that share the same iteration, the dashboard will provide a breakdown of the iteration for each project.

Select the header area directly above the charts to display a key for color-coding in the pie charts:

Iteration Dashboard key


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