My Availability

The My Availability app allows you to see if you are underutilized, overloaded, or well-balanced for the current iteration. This app is particularly useful for contributors who work on multiple projects simultaneously.

My Availibility

Features include:

  • View status for current iterations where you have been assigned tasks.
  • View status across multiple projects.
  • View the entered capacity value for each project where you have assigned work.
  • View the cumulative total of Task Estimate hours assigned to you in each iteration.
  • View a graphical load indicator, which changes color based on the ratio of capacity to assigned work:
    • Green when you are at 0–79% of your available capacity.
    • Yellow when you are at 80–99% of your available capacity.
    • Red when you are at 100+% of your available capacity.
  • Sort the list by Project, Iteration, or Capacity by selecting the column header.

Edit the Capacity Field of the My Availability App

To edit a Capacity field:
  1. Double-click inside the field.
  2. Edit the capacity value.
    Note: You must refresh the page after editing a capacity value to see changes in the Load indicator.


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