IMPORTANT: Perforce Connector is available on an as-is basis. CA Agile Central does not provide official support for this connector.


The CA Agile Central Connector for Perforce inspects the contents of a check-in comment and creates a Changeset in CA Agile Central associated to the CA Agile Central artifact, creates changes for each affected file and optionally updates the state of the CA Agile Central artifact.

For example, if a developer checks in two files with the commit message "Fixed DE17", the Perforce Connector would create a Changeset for the check-in revision, create two change objects for the affected files, link the Changeset to the defect, and set the state of defect 17 as fixed.

The Perforce connector has been updated to work with our new Build & Changeset infrastructure. It now supports the new Changeset, Change, and SCMRepository objects as well as linking the Changeset to a CA Agile Central artifact.

The code, download package, installation and user guides can be found on the Perforce Github repository.

Integration Status:

Open sourced on the Perforce Github repository

Cost: Free


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