Portfolio Item Burnup

Not available in Agile Central On Premises.

This app shows the delivery trend on work associated with a portfolio item. You can see the progress of the portfolio item, the amount of work that remains, and how the scope of work may have changed.

You can add multiple instances of this app on your dashboard or custom pages, each referencing different portfolio items.

The vertical axis represents the count of planned portfolio items, and the horizontal axis represents completed portfolio items. The X axis legend and Y axis legend values may sometimes overlap.

If no data was found for a selected portfolio item, it could be because:

  • No stories are available for this portfolio item.
  • There are missing Plan Estimate values.
  • Work has not started.

The app displays all children of the portfolio item, regardless of whether they are in the project scope.

You can zoom in on a date range by selecting a region on the screen.

Selecting Reset zoom restores the full view.

Revise Portfolio Item Burnup Chart Settings

To revise the chart settings:
  1. Select the app gear menu and select Settings.
  2. Select Choose to select the portfolio item. When you select a portfolio item, the settings default to the actual start and end dates, when they are available. When the actual end date has not occurred, the end date will default to today. You can also select custom dates.
    • The date format specified on the workspace setting overrides the date format specified in your user profile.
    • Searches for portfolio item by Formatted ID ignores the ID prefix and returns all portfolio items that match the numeric part of the ID. For example, a search for I1103 also returns F1103. The prefixes I and F are ignored. Searching for 1103 would yield the same result.

This app is not currently under CA Agile Central's SLA.


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