Portfolio Item Timeline

The Portfolio Item Timeline app allows you to visualize how portfolio items are progressing over varying time intervals. CA Agile Central Portfolio Manager is required to add the app.

Portfolio managers, product managers, and other executives can use the app to quickly see if a portfolio item is ahead of schedule, in danger, or behind schedule compared to the planned start and end dates. Actual progress bars are colored for quick reference to status. Colors displayed are based on the same algorithm used when hovering over a portfolio item on the Portfolio Items page.

Data displayed in the app is in the same format as the Portfolio Timeline page. All of the features on the page are also available in the app.

  • Colored actual progress bars, based on the % Done by Story Count field.
    In order for the colored bars to display when you print this app, you need to enable the Background Colors and Images setting in your browser.
  • Callouts display when hovering over an actual progress bar, providing additional details.
  • Timeline scope goes back one year into the past.
  • The Query field is available in the app settings menu. You may enter SQL-style queries to filter the data displayed in the app based on field values.
  • The Filter icon contains all portfolio item fields so you can easily choose which fields to display on the timeline.
  • There is no zoom functionality available when using Internet Explorer.
  • Zoom preferences in the app are not saved between sessions.
  • Queries used in the app settings menu apply to the top-most level of portfolio items in view.

View Portfolio Items Associated to a Milestone

Follow these steps:
  1. Select the milestone on the timeline.
  2. Select the black box that contains the milestone name. The portfolio items associated with the milestone are then highlighted on the timeline.
  3. To hide workspace-scoped milestones, uncheck Show Workspace Scoped Milestones.


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