PPM Timesheets Integration with CA Agile Central

This integration allows a subscription administrator to install an app on a CA Agile Central dashboard that iframes in PPM Timesheets. This is valuable because it allows engineers and other individual contributors to enter their PPM time within CA Agile Central.

  • Users must be upgraded to PPM 15.2 in order to use the integration.
  • Enter the URL rally1.rallydev.com in the Integrations setup in PPM as opposed to the us1.rallydev.com URL. The embedded PPM timesheet will be blocked by the browser when trying to display it within CA Agile Central if the us1.rallydev.com URL is used.
  • At this point, users still need to authenticate into PPM through the iframe.
  • PPM SSO users cannot use this integration. The integration will work if the CA Agile Central subscription is using SSO.
  • We strongly recommend users only authenticate through PPM using a trusted or private computer because there is a possibility that if you log out of CA Agile Central and someone logs in after you, they will see your time tracking information in PPM.
Follow these steps
  1. Disable Time Tracker from the Workspace settings.
    Image of Workspace settings
  2. Create a new shared custom page called PPM Timesheets.
  3. Add a Custom HTML app to the dashboard on the new PPM Timesheets page. Learn more about the CA Agile Central App Catalog.
  4. Copy source code from GitHub: https://github.com/RallyTechServices/ppmtimesheet/blob/master/deploy/App.txt
  5. Enter the PPM Hostname in the app settings and save.


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