Print Task Cards

The Print Task Cards app generates a set of printable cards for a given iteration. This is useful for creating a physical scrum or Kanban board on a shared wall when updating status in planning and check-in meetings.

Print Task Cards

  • Each card contains the following data:
    • Task ID and story ID
    • Task owner and profile picture
    • Task name
    • Task description
    • Task estimate

Source code is available: Print Task Cards app source code

Print Cards

These are general instructions for printing task cards. Your actual steps depend on what browser you use.

  • If you have a choice of browsers, we recommend using Firefox for this app.
  • When printing, force your printer into landscape mode to print two cards per 8.5in x 11in (letter) page.
To print task cards:
  1. Select the desired iteration.
  2. Select the app gear menu, then select Print.
  3. Select Landscape layout.
  4. Make sure Scale is set to 100%. If Paper Size is an option, set it to US Letter.
  5. Turn off page headers and footers, or set them to blank.
  6. Select Print.


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